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When making pie dough, always split it in thirds. Use two thirds for the base and one third for the top. You’ll ensure you have enough and the right thickness to stand up against tearing.
#QuickTip- Pie Dough
“You always want to walk a tight-rope of flavor.”
- Rick Bayless
Use a toothpick to trace what you want to write before piping words onto a cake. It makes it super easy to fix any mistakes!
#QuickTip- Cake Decorating
“Cheese- milk’s leap towards immortality.”
- Clifton Fadiman
Trying to keep guacamole green? It’s as simple as keeping the air off of it so it can’t oxidize. When you store it, even out the layer of guacamole in your container, pour a 1/2″ of water over top, cover with saran wrap and store for as long as you need. Pour the water out […]
#QuickTip- Keep Guacamole Green
“Hunger finds no fault with the cooking.”
- Proverb